About OSE

Engineering and the Arts. Proof that we can get along.

The Ohio State Engineer Magazine (OSE) publishes quarterly (Autumn, Winter, Spring) and we are distributed to almost 6,000 undergraduate Architecture and Engineering students. OSE is a volunteer-based magazine run by a diverse group of students including but not limited to Engineering, English and Business majors.

The goal of OSE is to inform Engineering and Architecture students about current topics in research and in their community. The magazine also provides educational opportunities to those working on the OSE magazine staff; the students working on OSE learn how to communicate through writing, graphic design, and by working and teaching one another. The magazine also provides students with an excellent example of their communication skills and dedication to an extra-curricular project, one they can show to a future employer. Working on the OSE magazine staff is an excellent resume builder and gives you a professional magazine to add to your portfolio.

The Class

Are you looking for publishing experience, either through writing articles, designing page layouts, taking pictures or creating graphics? Would you like to work for the magazine and get credit that counts toward a professional writing minor, as well? Are you interested in winning awards for your work? We accept technical and non-technical pieces; the only stipulation is that the pieces be of interest to our subscribers. If you would like your research paper to be considered, please contact the editor-in-chief or magazine advisor.

Contact the faculty advisor, Ed McCaul.1, about adding the magazine's class to your next quarter's schedule. To be considered part of the class, take Engineering 400.01. It is run like an independent study class, and can be taken up to four times.

We look forward to seeing you on staff!

The Ohio State Engineer magazine is published by and for the engineering students at the Ohio State University. The philosophies and opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Engineering or its management. All interested students have an equal opportunity to contribute to this publication and are encouraged to contact either the editor-in-chief or the faculty advisor for more information not found on this website.